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2817 West End Ave Suite 126

Nashville, TN 37203

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Tennessee Drone Pros is Nashville's Premier aerial photography drone service company, a division of Ever Optics Photography.

Using only the latest, most advanced equipment, Tennessee Drone Pros delivers only the best product to our clients.


Locally owned and operated.

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Full Service

We offer full aerial video and photography, can incorporate ground footage as well, complete final editing with options, and website installation.

Film Editing

Our film editing options include editing video to final, audio tracks, voice over, sound effects, and visual captions for all requirements.

Website Install

Once Video is complete, TDP can install the footage to your Website in any format as part of our complete service package. We want to make the process as easy as possible for our clients.

Our Pilots

Our Pilots are FAA compliant and rate highly in customer service with our clients. Couple TDP Pilots general knowledge of the project and their experience and expertise in photography and the result is an amazing product.

Our Equipment

TDP has several different Drones for different purposes depending on the requirements of the project. We also have an abundance of ground gear to make sure all angles are covered.

2817 West End Ave Suite 126

Nashville, TN 37203


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