Aerial Drone Search-Rescue Volunteer

Tennessee Drone Pros is Middle Tennessee's Aerial Expert Volunteer Drone Specialists. We do not charge to help our community members in their time of need.

Tennessee Drone pros can many times bring multiple units and staff members to help with search for individuals who are missing.

Search Volunteers

Growing up in Nashville and watching the city change and grow, it is amazing how with such a large population, you can still go into stores and see someone you know.


Aerial Drone Search-Rescue Volunteer 2


Nashville's population increases by over 300 daily as it is now a popular retirement city. Those who are capable of helping others always should, especially in a tragic situation.


There has been a few times where a child has gone missing in a park, a man with all timers has been lost in the woods, or other situations we choose not to describe.


Aerial Drone Search-Rescue Volunteer 1


So far, every search team Tennessee Drone pros has been affiliated with has found the person which makes it very rewarding. Aerial Drones are just the most effective way to cover a lot of area and still get down low enough to see.


Drone search and rescue


If you are capable of helping other you always should. Tennessee Drone pros is an Aerial Drone Search-Rescue Volunteer. Please call drone assistance is needed.


-Aerial Drone Search-Rescue Volunteer-

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