Aerial Drone Video Photo Construction Inspections


Inspecting large construction projects for progression and quality are simply to time consuming. Drone photography has changed all that. Drone photography has proven to save time and costs all while making a crystal clear record of the project for future purposes.

Tennessee Drone Pros will shoot your project from afar as well as up close covering all aspects desired at on short notice as well.

Drone Construction



Of all the innovations in Drone photography and services, construction inspections might be the most effective. It is truly amazing what Drones offer the construction world.


 Aerial Drone Video Photo Construction Inspections 3


On large commercial construction projects, if you calculate all the moving parts and personal, it is extremely expensive to get all managers and supervisors responsible for the project on site to view progress.


Drone video maximizes everyones time involved. While Aerial Drone video is a great marketing tool for construction companies, the process available for progress evaluations are amazing.


With full 4G video, a monthly video can be made of the project and viewed by all personel in monthly meetings. This video includes aerial footage from afar but also includes footage from 2' away providing unbelievable quality. Every square foot can be filmed for documentation purposes.


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Our construction inspection pilot is taylor made for his position and traveled across the country for our clients. His experience includes project manager for a large commercial company, residential contractor, and being a pilot in one. His experience ensures all necessary footage will be included.


**New Service**


Tennessee Drone Pros, an Everoptics photography affiliate, is excited to announced our new time lapse video for our construction companies. After multiple requests, TDP is now offering NEW time lapse video and is scheduled to complete our first project in November 2016.


The scope of this option includes 8 hours of film, for each working day, from an aerial perspective through out the entire course of the project. The result will be over 2000 hours of footage sped up to 3-15 minutes of video!


Aerial Drone Video Photo Construction Inspections coming soon


The current results of our first project are nothing short of amazing. There is simply nothing in the construction industry that would captivate an audience like a time lapse video of a 15 million dollars project on the front page of a website.


If a company is wanting to show their capabilities and truly impress perspective clients, nothing else will compare.


Aerial Drone Video Photo Construction Inspections

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